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Our performance events support a vibrant local community of artists and enthusiasts who are passionate about electronic synthesizers and the music they create with them. Additionally, our educational workshops and lessons enable people to do more with these machines and aim to inspire the next generation of electronic music-makers. We are committed to ensuring many of our events remain FREE and open to all, and we could not do this without your contribution! Consider supporting our efforts via one of the methods below.


Buy Music

Digital and cassette media are available from Self Center Records on Bandcamp.


Subscribe on Patreon

Receive rewards for your monthly recurring donations on Patreon, including audio from all of our shows, exclusive online content, tickets to our paid events, and more.


Follow us on Twitch

We are streaming our shows to Twitch. Follow and subscribe! 



Direct donations help us raise money for special events and fundraisers.


Join our community on Discord

Engage with our community on the SEA NOISE Discord server - it's free and everyone is welcome!

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