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A Box In the Sea

Kilohertz oscillations of self replicating frozen crystalline structures that fracture and mutate into strings of sonic particles. Recorded to molecular tape and housed onboard Twin UWS2 micro satellites lost somewhere in the Neritic zone.

  • A Box In The Sea on YouTube
  • A Box In The Sea on Instagram


Alani is a musician based in Portland, Oregon. Drawing emotional and musical inspiration from the beautiful NW region and the world at hand, he uses the Eurorack modular in many different forms to express his love for people and life. 

  • Alani Vierra on YouTube
  • Alani Vierra on Bandcamp
  • Alani Vierra on Instagram

allotrope ijk

allotrope ijk is a video jockey collective comprised of Nick Bigelow and c.m.barth. Active since 2019, the duo formed out of a mutual interest in creating live, multi-sensory experiences. Drawing inspiration from digital art and electronic music, allotrope ijk creates and performs live visuals for clubs, house shows and parties throughout the Seattle area. The duo is known for distorting video content to create multicolored visuals that are highly reminiscent of classic video synthesis techniques from the 1970s. They also utilize new technologies and contemporary influences to create modern art motifs. Each member uses their own handwritten technology stack for live improvisation in order to create a truly unique experience.

  • allotrope ijk on Instagram


Amulets is the solo project of Portland-based audio + visual artist Randall Taylor. Amulets employs handmade cassette tape loops and live processed guitar loops to create live, lush soundscapes and immersive drones. Through the recontextualisation of cassettes, sampling, field recording, and looping, these long-form compositions blur the genres of ambient, drone, noise, and electronic music.

  • AMULETS on Instagram
  • AMULETS on Bandcamp
  • AMULETS on Soundcloud
  • AMULETS on YouTube

Ann Annie

Ann Annie is the moniker of Portland based musician and composer Eli Goldberg. Eli created the project “ann annie” shortly following the break up of his punk band TCK. He wanted to re-connect to nature and it’s influence in music, and music’s influence in nature. 

  • Ann Annie on Instagram
  • Ann Annie on Bandcamp
  • Ann Annie on Soundcloud
  • Ann Annie on YouTube

Apocryphal Bear

Apocryphal Bear - After migrating from Texas, this bear may or may not have found a cozy cave to call home in Seattle, WA. Analog dreamscapes created from an interweaving of found footage / VHS tapes, modified vintage video production gear, and modular video synthesizers. 

  • Apocryphal Bear on Facebook
  • Apocryphal Bear on Instagram


Portland-based multimedia artist Veronica "Vern" Avola makes electronic music that combines a ferocious wall of sound with a deceptively subtle sense of dynamics. One could call it noise music, except that Avola puts enough into weirdly shifting harmonics as she does into abrasion. One could also call it drone, but Avola's approach to synth music is too rhythmic, itchy, and restless to fit easily under that label. She's shared bills with artists including metal band Big Business, long-running experimental rock outfit Oxbow, and has collaborated with electro-pop eccentric EMA, to give you some idea of the difficulty of pigeonholing the project. She has been performing live music since 2005, and has been performing solo live since 2008. She She's had the honor of having several releases on labels such as Gravity Records, An Out Recordings, Accident Prone Records and Nadine Records. She has also booked and played several US tours, as well as played several festivals, most notably SxSW and Total Fest. 

  • Avola on Bandcamp
  • Avola on YouTube

Bana Haffar

Through switching from 10 years of electric bass, preceded by classical violin, to modular synthesizers in 2014, Bana Haffar is attempting to dismantle years of institutional conditioning in traditional systems of music theory and performance. She is interested in exploring sonic disintegration and coalescence into new forms and synthesized experiences. Bana lives in Asheville, North Carolina. 

  • Bana Haffar on Bandcamp
  • Bana Haffar on Soundcloud
  • Bana Haffar on YouTube


Baseck is a Los Angeles based experimental electronic musician. His roots run deep in L.A.'s underground rave scene. His fascination with sound from the discovery of mixtapes brought him to turntablism at an early age. The attraction to hands-on hardware learned from scratching records lent its way to audio manipulation with battery powered toys, drum machines, and modular synthesizers. This exploration of sound and technology inspired collaborations with synth companies giving Baseck opportunities to design hardware and sound banks for these machines. Baseck's style builds on past musical experiments combining 80’s drum machines, sounds of breakdance and industrial, with a future approach to drum & bass and IDM. His latest EP, ENERGY MORPH, is out now on Boysnoize Records.

  • Baseck on Instagram
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  • Baseck on YouTube

Bill Horist

Seattle guitarist, Bill Horist is an improviser/composer/performer in a wide array of genres including rock, jazz, contemporary chamber, avant garde, folk, new music and several subgenres within each.  He has appeared on over 80 recordings and has performed well over 1000 concerts throughout North and Central America, Europe, and Japan.  Over the past two decades, Bill has collaborated with a long list of notable musicians from around the world including John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz, Stuart Dempster, KK Null, Matt Chamberlain, Chris Cutler, Damo Suzuki(Can), Vidushi Sumitra Guha, Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple), William Hooker, Secret Chiefs 3, Eugene Chadbourne, Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins), Shazaad Ismaily, Six Organs of Admittance, Joe Morris, Climax Golden Twins, Haco, Illusion of Safety, Jamie Saft, Amy Denio, Uchihashi Kazuhisa, Steve Fisk, Marron, Reggie Watts, Anla Courtis (Reynols), Eyvind Kang, Paul Rucker, Wally Shoup, and Jessica Lurie as well as members of King Crimson, Pearl Jam, Earth, The Boredoms, Sunn0.

He has toured and recorded with a number of bands including Master Musicians of Bukkake, Kinski, Nobodaddy, Phineas Gage, Axolotl, UnFolkUs, Zahir, Tablet, Nervewheel, Ghidra, Rollerball and the Paul Rucker Ensemble in addition to extensive solo activity.  

Horist has played in just about every type of venue from caves to arenas and his unusual approach to music has found him in equally unusual scenarios – from composing using transatlantic freighters as instruments to appearing on “America’s Got Talent.”  Essays on these and other such projects can be found on his website.  He also creates music for film, modern dance and video games.

Bill has received critical praise from dozens of both local and international periodicals including The Wire, Guitar Player Magazine and Alternative Press.  He has also been the recipient of several local and regional grants for his work.  In 2012, Bill was quoted and mentioned in a “short list of…individuals who have made notable contributions” to prepared guitar in the book “Nice Noise: Modifications and Preparations for Guitar” by Bart Hopkin and Yuri Landman.  In 2005 and 2006, he was nominated for "Jazz Artist of the Year" and "Guitarist of the Year" respectively by the Seattle Weekly.  Bill lives in Ballard and teaches both conventional and unconventional guitar to all ages and levels of experience both privately and in schools from elementary- to college-level. 

In addition to extensive solo activity, Bill currently makes periodic appearances with psych/soul seekers Afrocop, and has recently recorded with prog rock juggernaut TROOT, Echotest, Kyoto-based guitarist Marron, George Soler (Breathe, Blow, Burn) and The Wally Shoup Electric Quartet and others to be released in 2018.  He also teaches guitar/music at the Seattle World School and conducts an annual blind youth audio workshop in addition to teaching private guitar lessons. 

  • Bill Horist on Bandcamp


Monique Duran is a Seattle-based multimedia artist born and raised in New Mexico.  Drawn to language from an early age, she became fascinated with the stories we tell outside of words and how we communicate them.  Originally taken with visual arts such as photography, she quickly became captivated by the motion and abstraction of experimental video and its ability to illustrate time and emotion in new ways.  With increasing interest in immersive experiences, her work has come to include stage & event design, video installation, live visual mixing for music-based events, sculpture and sound design.  Shaped by a background in dance and cinematography, her aesthetic leans toward the lyrical, often using the human form and nature as an expression of our animality and connection to the rhythms around us.  Common themes are centered on space, time, memory, language, longing, and liberation.


In Seattle, she serves as resident visual artist, DJ and founding member of subMerge, an artist collective focused on the promotion of electronic music and art.  She has shown in support of international producers including Powel, Dance Spirit, Leo Leal, Afriqua and Melodie at festivals, events and alternative spaces throughout the US.

  • BlackWaterStars on Facebook

Eric Schlappi

Eric Schlappi is a musician/engineer originally from Arizona, currently residing in Portland, Oregon. He has been performing with, recording, and exploring analog synthesizers since the early 2000s, which has led him into designing and manufacturing his own instruments as Schlappi Engineering. As a musician he is interested in liminal spaces and transformations from the familiar to the unrecognizable (and back again.) His most recent release, Icarium, consists of two long form tracks inspired by Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen series. 

  • Eric Schlappi on Bandcamp
  • Eric Schlappi on Soundcloud
  • Eric Schlappi on Instagram

Donald Crunk

DONALDCRUNK is the melodic synthesizer output of Jason Degelman, who has been performing solo with a eurorack synthesizer since 2010. DONALDCRUNK seeks to create dynamic, polyrhythmic and dense music with minimal equipment and maximum emotion.

  • Donald Crunk on YouTube
  • Donald Crunk on Bandcamp
  • Donald Crunk on SoundCloud
  • Donald Crunk on Instagram



  • Dark Sparkler on Instagram
  • Dark Sparkler on Bandcamp
  • Dark Sparkler on Soundcloud
  • Dark Sparkler on YouTube


Blazinspace is the alter-ego of filmmaker and visual artist John Theroux. They use a combination of their own films and animations with movies, iconic imagery, and projection mapping tricks to transform space into an immersive experience.  Their visuals have been featured at LUSIO, Bumbershoot, Upstream, Kremfest, Look Up Fest, Capitol Hill Block Party, in Band in Seattle, at Ear Shot Jazz Fest, with Coffee Cup Productions (Chicago), and IVVY (NYC, LA).  

  • Blazinspace on Facebook

Horse With One Leg

Horse With One Leg aka Nick Santos has been performing in Seattle venues since 2016. After circuit-bending and making music in software, he learned the fundamentals of synthesis on a 5U modular system and now performs using a Eurorack setup. Layered melodic voices and rhythmic beats create a soaring soundscape that relaxes and excites.

  • Horse With One Leg on Instagram
  • Horse With One Leg on Soundcloud

Monster Planet

Monster Planet is an ever-expanding collective of producers, musicians, sound designers, visual artists, and B-movie enthusiasts, who improvise a soundtrack to a curated-mix of the most bizarre and cheesy B-movies in existence — creating a surreal blend of continuously-evolving electronic / ambient / experimental / drone music and obscure, low-budget cinema. The organization and logistics of exploring Monster Planet are overseen by SYNPROV CORP, consisting of Gel-SolLeave TraceBrian Oblivion, William Mempa, and videotronic-overlord Killing Frenzy Visuals. Homebase is currently Seattle, WA.

  • Monster Planet on Facebook
  • Monster Planet on YouTube
  • Monster Planet on Instagram
  • Monster Planet on Soundcloud

Nancy Dru

Situated pleasantly on the more unconventional end of music and sound, Vancouverite Jen P aka Nancy Dru has a kind of important message embedded throughout her style. Engaging in her sets is like sitting with her at a card table while the chaos of the casino persists in the periphery: glances of determination alongside a type of stoicism about fun are passed around, undermining your confidence of the game, questioning your initial

goal to win, diffusing what you thought it meant to win at anything.


Known internationally during the IDM days as The Square Root of Evil, Jen

now delivers dense, driven techno, as solid as urban pavement. Nancy Dru is where Jen's personal and deep comprehension of sound marches through each corner and transition of her set. Rendering her work more potent is its vocal aridness. Though this style is alive with language, it is an idiosyncratic, non-verbal kind, accessible to all who are at least level two versed in techno. 


Having shared the stage with the likes of Steffi, Voices From the Lake, Carl Craig, TiNi, Headless Horseman, Shed, Hodge, Dasha Rush, Rødhåd, Erika, Kangding Ray, Andy Stott, Annie Hall, Matrixxman and many more, as well as playing celebrated sets at Basscoast, Mutek, Soundwave, and Communikey, Jen has gained a laudable reputation as not only an artist with a severe approach to music, but also as a techno advocate with an esoteric, tenacious language, argot required for propelling the global dance community forward into its unknown, tremendous future.

  • Nancy Dru on Facebook
  • Nancy Dru on Twitter
  • Nancy Dru on Soundcloud

Nathan Moody

Nathan Moody is a musician and a mastering engineer from the San Francisco Bay Area. He has made music for more than two decades, which has been used for albums, interactive installations, games, documentaries, podcasts, and more. He has appeared on record labels such as DiN, Modularfield, Tectorum Tapes, and more. He is also a sound designer, field recordist, and audio editor, in addition to having a long career in motion graphics and animation.

  • Nathan Moody on Twitter
  • Nathan Moody on Bandcamp
  • Nathan Moody on Soundcloud
  • Nathan Moody on Instagram

Nick Bartoletti

Nick Bartoletti uses a collection of analog video tools such as the LZX Visionary modular system, Tachyons + Opti-glitch, video mixers, cameras and and feedback systems. He has been been integrating his professional skills as a 3D artist to create experimental simulations and create 3D printed objects to integrate into his visual repertoire. Beyond video he has produced and performed music in the band Crypts, a dark electronic night called Lust Strength, and solo as Nick Bartoletti.

  • Nick Bartoletti on Instagram


proximal/distal is the hardware-based, music project of Jennifer Trezza. She lives in the PNW and has been producing on and off since the early 2000s.

  • Proximal/Distal on Soundcloud

R Beny

r beny is the electronic ambient project of Bay Area-based artist, Austin Cairns. Finding inspiration in the wonder and volatility of nature and human emotion, Cairns uses modular synthesizers, samplers, and tape loops to weave together a sonic bouquet of organic textures, blissful waves of drone, and decaying melodies carved out of mountains of noise. Since 2015, Cairns has released four full length albums, including releases for the inimitable record labels Dauw (Belgium) and Seil Records (Germany). 

  • R Beny on Bandcamp
  • R Beny on Instagram
  • R Beny on YouTube


Rae is a modular artist from Seattle who enjoys blending found sounds and synthesis to create lush soundscapes and dark, clubby techno

  • Rae on Soundcloud
  • Rae on Instagram


The cavernous and beautiful project of renowned DJ and Further Records headmaster Chloe Harris, Raica walks a fine musical line between lucid animation and blurred darkness.

  • RAICA on Bandcamp
  • RAICA on Soundcloud

Scott Keva James

Scott Keva James is a Seattle-based audio/visual artist, who works primarily with found imagery and light, using video and projection in installation work and live visual performance. He has a keen interest in time, texture and flow. In his work lyrical patterns emerge and slide along the continuum between organic and inorganic, nature and artifice, abstract and concrete. In his professional life he has creative-directed multi-media stage shows and implemented complex, immersive environments.


Scott began digital performance work in 2001 with, and has been performing in Seattle and nationally since, including Decibel Festival, Oscillate Series, shows at CHAC, EMP, Mokedo Gallery, SFMOMA and venues in New York, Colorado and Ohio. His installation work has been in festivals such as Lusio, Portland Winter Lights, Luminata, Arts-a-Glow and Borealis.  He has produced works as Artist-In-Residence at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House each year since 2015. He continues to perform live video at art centers, galleries and clubs in Washington, Colorado, Ohio and New York, collaborating with local and international artists. In 2019 he collaborated twice with artists in Seattle’s Wayward Music series and mixed live for an Earshot Jazz production at Timbre Room.

  • Scott Keva James on Facebook
  • Scott Keva James on Instagram

William Smith

Working primarily with the Buchla 200e, Citisyn crafts performances that blend conventional and experimental styles. With generative rhythms and evolving timbres laying a foundation for improvised melodies and spontaneous arrangement, each performance is a unique expression of the moment



Eusebie, aka SunFalls is a PDX based electronic musician. 

Composing, performing, writing and collaborating up and down the west coast since 2001. From noise cello improv for Butoh theatre to experimental Ableton sets and evolving into his current tools of choice: eurorack modular synthesis,  DSI OB-6 desktop, Waldorf Streichfett, Elektron Digitakt & Machinedrum MKI, Eventide Space & Dreadbox Komorebi fx pedals. 

He has been a recurring solo and collaborative performer at Volt Divers, the Sonic Lodge, Modular on the Spot, Signal/Logic/Control, the Binary Society series in San Jose, & live on KBOO FM’s ‘A Different Nature’. SunFalls is continuing to develop and evolve as a performer & collaborator of highly experimental music- "a sonic architect creating musical landscapes within hybrid improvised modular environments without borders"


“SunFalls will guide you toward an alien realm of metallic sound structures that fracture into a world of kaleidoscopic colors. Let its electric jolts prod the listener’s cerebral cortex. Embrace this paradox, shed the blankets of easy comfort, and find your own warmth in SunFalls icy space-scape.”

-Robert Ham of Experimental Portland.

Currently recording a new album release so stay tuned! But meanwhile check out his tape release from 2018

His track “MachSeeq” is also part of the 30 track modular synthesis compilation ‘Modularism 2 - Noises Off’, released by Law & Auder Records (UK), 2018.

  • SunFalls on Facebook
  • SunFalls on Instagram
  • SunFalls on Bandcamp
  • SunFalls on Soundcloud

The Animals At Night

The Animals at Night is a project by Seattle producer Graig Markel. Utilizing Rhodes piano, modular synth, lap steel, and beautifully constructed beats, the Animals at Night combine elements of lo-fi, jazz, avant-garde, and downtempo to create something compelling and unique.

  • The Animals At Nights on Facebook

Sophia Saze

Sophia Saze is a musician and a multi-media artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her imaginative journey began in her hometown Tbilisi, Georgia. She's the founder of Dusk & Haze.

  • Sophia Saze on Facebook
  • Sophia Saze on Instagram
  • Sophia Saze on Bandcamp
  • Sophia Saze on Soundcloud


Electronic Music Project by Tobias Hendrickson, Co-Founder of Technological Taxidermy
An exploration of artifacts from a forgotten time... when perceptions of life and family seemed undying. A summary of early childhood memories taken from old tape recordings and VHS home videos; synthesizing a glimpse into an existence which once was... but may never be again.

  • SIMMENTALL on Instagram
  • SIMMENTALL on Bandcamp
  • SIMMENTALL on Soundcloud

Trust Anchor

Trust Anchor is Kevin Meyer, from Portland, Oregon. Using modular synthesizers as an irreplaceable sound design tool, Trust Anchor creates serrated industrial breakbeats and cinematic sound design. Trust Anchor also hosts Portland’s Modular on the Spot, as well as the modular-focused Signal / Logic / Control and ambient-focused Bloom event series.

  • Trust Anchor on Facebook
  • Trust Anchor on Instagram
  • Trust Anchor on Soundcloud


Vän is influenced by her classical and jazz backgrounds to create a lush, ambient soundscape that ebbs and flows with rhythmic, funky grooves and textures, that will leave your auditory pallet stimulated and hungry for more. She uses a combination of eurorack, samplers, vocals, pedals, and acoustic instruments to bring you a live performance unlike anything else in hopes to bring familiarity to the listener with a new perspective of sound design and composition. 

  • Vän on Instagram
  • Vän on Soundcloud

William Smith

Working primarily with the Buchla 200e, Citisyn crafts performances that blend conventional and experimental styles. With generative rhythms and evolving timbres laying a foundation for improvised melodies and spontaneous arrangement, each performance is a unique expression of the moment


Ztar Boy

Ztar Boy is a project based around modern electronic dance music, that spreads across a wide variety of genres and styles.

  • Ztar Boy on Facebook
  • Ztar Boy on Instagram
  • Ztar Boy on Soundcloud
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